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At Endure Stronger, our usual job is to help runners get strong, murder body fat and set a new race PB in 60 days. Lately, like so many people, our priorities have shifted to helping everyone thrive in the times of COVID-19.

I’m Sam MacIntosh, and I’m the strength and nutrition coach at Endure Stronger. As a practitioner, I’m hesitant to market or endorse certain foods to “boost” your immune system, because – as you’ll see – it’s hard to prove that a specific vitamin, mineral, or any other micronutrient directly protects you from antigens and pathogens. There is, however, a body of research around certain foods supporting your immune system.

None of these recipes are designed to be a replacement from what we all should be doing – staying home, protecting our respective healthcare systems, and saving lives by flattening the curve of Coronavirus.

But if you’re interested in what science has to say on what may help your immune system year-round, here it is. With some delicious recipes to boot.

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